Residential Air Domes

Enclosures for year-round use of swimming pools and tennis courts

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Each Air Dome is custom made to the exact specifications of your swimming pool and patio. Spas, high slides, stepped decks or low hanging trees can easily be accommodated. The dome is constructed of two sheets of the most durable vinyl sandwiched over a rugged polyester scrim. Seams are electronically welded (not sewn) for the toughest seam possible. The Air Dome can withstand temperatures down to 40 below zero and is supported entirely with air. A small multiple speed blower is used for each 1500 sq. ft.of dome. Zipper entry's can be installed anywhere (except a corner) and are made so that they can be easily replaced when they wear out by snapping in a new one. A revolving door is also an option. There are 20 different colors to choose from and an installation video covers all aspects of the installation process.

The cable tie-down system will hold the Air Dome in place in the worst of weather. The cable is supported via anchors inserted in the concrete deck. Alternatively, water tubes can be used which are inserted into a pouch on the bottom of the dome wall. Sometimes a combination of the two systems are used. When the blower is turned off, the Air Dome deflates and rests on top of the pool. With residential swimming pools, the dome is used only during the cool / cold months. The dome weighs several hundred pounds, but with several people, can easily be folded up for the summer. During the winter, the air temperature will be approximately 10 degrees below the temp of the water (except on very cold days). The domes typically can withstand 50 mph winds. However, it is usually recommended that if you know that 30+ mph winds are possible, it is best to deflate the Air Dome until after the storm. The average life of a dome is approximately 10 yrs. The standard dome has 6' side walls and peaks to 12' in the center. Domes can also be tapered on one side or made with shorter walls.

Summary of features and / or options of residential Air Domes include:

3 year factory warranty.

 7 - 10 years normal useful lifetime.

Standard heavy duty zippered entry can be located anywhere you choose.

Large selection of colors.

Airlock door system option is available which consists of two doors which allows walk-thru access. The unit measures 36" x 36" x 74".

Most owners report a savings of at least 50% on chemical costs.


Estimated cost for a residential pool:

Pool size: 16 X 32

Air Dome size: 22' X 38' includes a 3' walk space on all sides.

Cost: $4599 + Freight

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