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For Residential and Commercial Use

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LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Cover is strong enough to support the weight of Bubbles the elephant, so you know it's strong enough to protect your family.  Only LOOP-LOC covers can offer patented SAFEDGE® and GAPGUARD® - Child Safety Intrusion Barriers - that close dangerous gaps which exist when there are raised obstructions by the cover's edge.  There's no way children or pets can slip through.

Other features of LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Covers include:

All LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Covers are made with the highest quality, non-corrosive components like polypropylene mesh, solid brass anchors, and stainless steel springs. All LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Covers meet or exceed A.S.T.M. safety standards.  And, only a LOOP-LOC cover has passed the Bubbles the elephant weight test!

No more slimy swamp in your backyard. Solid water bag covers allow rain, dirt and debris to collect on top.  After just a few rains, they become a slippery swamp.  A LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Cover is different.  The strong, fine mesh of a LOOP-LOC safety cover lets rain drain right through.  The cover stays dry, so leaves and debris simply blow away.

No more back-breaking maintenance. A LOOP-LOC requires no pumping, scrubbing or heavy maintenance.  It also goes on and off your pool in a snap with LOOP-LOC's unique brass anchoring system.  When you remove the cover, the anchors fit flush with the deck.

Nothing fits or looks better. Unlike saggy, unsightly solid water bag covers, a LOOP-LOC stays tight, clean and beautiful on your pool.  LOOP-LOC's exclusive Computer Aided Design assures a perfect, custom fit for any shape or size pool.  You can choose from the color that best blends with your yard - standard Spring Green or one of the three optional Designer Colors; Blue, Black or Gray (at an additional cost).

A LOOP-LOC cover is so durable, it's backed by our 10 year Limited Warranty.  During that much time, lesser covers would be replaced three or four times.

LOOP-LOC covers can also be made for Commercial installations.

LOOP-LOC covers come with all the necessary hardware including standard brass anchors, regular stainless steel springs, vinyl tubular spring covers, nylon installation tool and a storage bag. Wood deck anchor flanges can be substituted in place of standard brass anchors.

Most covers are custom made due to special cut-outs for diving boards or slides. However, there are stock covers available (in standard spring green mesh only) for many of the popular size pools.

Please email or call for pricing.

NOTE: A custom cover is required for cut-outs for a diving board, slide or any other object which is within 2' of the pool edge. For an accurate quote and to subsequently place an order, a complete drawing of the pool and any features within a 2' perimeter of the pool is required.

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